There are five simple steps to use our service:

How it works

1. Record your audio file.
2. Upload your sound file using our secure log in.
3. You receive an email informing you when your upload has been successful.
4. Over to us – transcribed and proofed by our expert staff.
5. The completed transcript is returned to you.

Should you wish to, you can send your audio on a memory stick or disc. It is recommended that should you wish to do this, you should use the Royal Mail Special Delivery service as this tracks the item all the way on its journey. Your disc/memory stick will be returned to you via the same route (at no extra charge).


Please contact us for our very competitive rates which include proof reading as standard, not an extra service. Also included are any postage costs for the return of any discs or memory sticks.

Charges are per audio minute and are a set rate. We do not charge extra for tricky audio, multi-person interviews etc. enabling our clients to budget accurately and not be assailed with hidden costs once the invoice arrives.

Payment should be made by BACS transfer.

For a quotation, please visit our contact us page and complete the details to get in touch.