Here are some Frequently Asked Questions, if you require further information or have any questions please get in touch with us.

How do I use NJC Secretarial’s services?

The first time you use our transcription service, simply complete the booking details with your contact and project information. You will then be provided with a login for a private online client area where you can upload your sound files and supporting documentation. Once your recording has been transcribed and proofed it is delivered back to you through our online portal. Alternatively, you can send your recordings to us on disc, memory stick or via your own platform.

How will my completed transcript look?

All our transcribers produce transcripts in line with our standardised in-house typing styles and templates. Should you wish to provide your own template for us to use, that is absolutely fine. Each transcript is presented in a uniformed way, indicating where people speak over each other and highlighting if a word is inaudible. Verbatim transcription is also offered at NJC Secretarial, should it be requested.

How does NJC Secretarial ensure the quality of its transcribers?

Everyone at NJC Secretarial speaks English as their mother tongue and they must complete and pass a strict typing test before being allowed to work for us. Every member of staff must also sign a confidentiality agreement before they commence working with us. Where possible, we identify our transcribers’ strengths in any given sector in order to assign them with work most suited to their knowledge and skill.

How does NJC Secretarial ensure confidentiality and security?

All clients have access to our secure, encrypted online portal when uploading their sound files where the files are encrypted. We maintain firewalls and use a high level of encryption for added security when clients upload material. All sound files and transcripts are deleted by electronic shredding from our systems after 14 days. We are happy to sign a client’s NDA and/or confidentiality agreement if required.

How does NJC Secretarial charge for work?

At NJC Secretarial, unlike most transcription agencies, we DO NOT charge extra for tricky audio, long interviews, multi-person interviews such as focus groups, interviews which contain specialist terminology or next day turnaround. We have one fixed price which means that the client can work out their budget exactly and not have unpleasant surprises when the invoice arrives.

What are NJC Secretarial’s payment terms?

Once a project is completed, an invoice will then be issued. The payment terms are 30 days from the date of the invoice. No invoices will be sent until a project is completed unless the client requests interim invoices in the case of large projects.